Friday, October 8, 2010

Welcome to the World of Modern

We love modern design! But like all things in life, there is a huge range which I'd like to share with you. Here it is broken down in the World of Modern According to Yvonne :


Here's where it all began - a wonderful cozy interior by Frank Lloyd Wright. Notice the craftsman style influences and the Eames rocking chair in the corner, which must have been added way after this house was built...

And another Modern pioneer - Ludwig Mies van der Rohe. His work was more austere, but still having a lot of warmth with natural materials and colors. He also designed the iconic Barcelona daybed in the foreground.


Here we can see influences of the masters, but in new modern architecture. Notice the lack of decoration and superfluous 'stuff'. Definitely a minimalist statement. And below, another minimalist statement, but much more extreme [and probably impossible to live in unless you are a monk] :

A good place for a party though !


Talk about night and day with the Minimalist photo above ! Still Modern, and still having the same essential color palette, but much more cozier and relaxed.

And what a great example of Contemporary Modern this is, but now more refined and sophisticated. So you can see that you can have cozy Modern space in black and white and sophisticated/formal Modern in neutral tones.!


This has got to be one of the best example of eclectic I've seen - Loft, Vintage and "Art" Modern - all made cozy and slightly knick-knacky [even though Modern is usually a tad more sparse]....this works wonderfully probably because of the huge unique windows and the small color palette.

And now a more refined and Eclectic Modern space - eclectic because they have mixed Vintage Modern with Contemporary Modern furnishings. This is probably the most popular style currently.


Last, my personal favorite, Loft Modern. This loft is owned by an artist and used as such. The furniture is clean and simple yet the space has a real livability about it. No matter what you do to the walls or floor, it will look intentional. The space welcomes experimentation which is something I just love.

This loft is fantastic too. The furniture a bit more formal [notice the Barcelona day bed in the background, in teal!] but still welcomes relaxation, openness and creativity. The great thing about lofts is that many different colors and materials will work. You can pull probably 20 colors out of the brickwork alone.

I could have gone on-and-on and listed another dozen genres of Modern [Rustic, Art, Italian, Danish]....but instead thought I'd let you explore yourself. Have fun and be cozy.

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  1. My stayle statement is like the second pic of Contemporary Modern. I prefer lots of comfort & relaxing elements. Don't like clutter in the form of extra bits of furniture etc.


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