Friday, October 22, 2010

Attention All Single Guys : 5 Ways to Make Your Home Date Friendly

Well, in case you haven't figured it out by now, women [at least my friends] are highly sensitive to their surroundings. We need to feel safe and warm and comfortable in general. If you are to have a chance 'in hell' of us staying over night, you must make the minimum effort ! Here is a partial list of ways to make your pad more inviting, from an interior design point-of-view :

1] Buy a 'decent' sofa. By decent I mean something not too big - a 3 seater is ok, a sectional is optimal if you have the room. That way you can each sit on a 'section' for cozy conversation and beverage partaking :

If your living room is small, a love seat is ok if you can add a lounge chair too [there's nothing more embarrassing than sitting too close to someone you barely know!] :

Lastly, you don't have to spend a fortune, but please no scratchy nylon or sweat inducing vinyl. Something soft like us :-)

2] Consider window coverings. Does your living or dining room look out onto a public street or parking lot? If so, window coverings are a nice way to keep the nosy neighbors at bay.

Getting blinds or curtains doesn't mean you are a wuss or Martha Stewart wanna be. Notice the clean gender-neutral color, style and quality of these roman blinds. Simple and functional. Love it !!

3] Get a good floor and/or table lamp[s]. Nothing creates the right mood better than soft indirect light.
Look at how simple, elegant AND masculine this lamp is :

or you can kill 2 birds with 1 stone, i.e. a good lamp and a piece of art [see number 5] like this gorgeous piece designed by Ottawa architect Rick Shean :

4] If you have hardwood floors, shop for an area rug. If not [i.e. you have carpeting] get a coffee table. Or both.  Rugs and tables are great ways to add warmth and soften sounds in a room, thus creating more comfort. They visibly tie a room together which further creates visual comfort and coziness.

Don't be afraid of shag - there are some great affordable and highly luxurious choices out there including the Kymo brand from Alteriors :

5] Treat yourself to something special.  Buying a piece of art or beautiful object d'art says a little something about you and your softer side. Here is a great painting by cky's Carrie Colton painted in 2003 and purchased by Yvonne way before they were partners or even friends !

 And finally a really cool fruit bowl by Alessi
There. Now if that doesn't get the girl, you've got the wrong girl...
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  1. Oh WOW this is going to be particularly useful to me, as ny apartments a freaking mess. I never bring dates home as its a wreck. Will follow through thanks!

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  3. Wooow amazing and helpfull for a messy and bacholers Appartment to make a beautifull date place...thanks for great sugesstions..

  4. Wooow amazing and helpfull for a messy and bacholers Appartment to make a beautifull date place...thanks for great sugesstions..

  5. Very help for single person to manage a good affordable, cheap and different setup of our house interior.

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  8. I wish I got to this sooner. All the dates that went wrong because of the decore. But I must say this is a great read and I will be sure to follow up on some tips. Thank you !!

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