Thursday, February 25, 2016

Y Design Loop : Powell Avenue Loft Renovation

Closets Doubled and Serenity Returned to Powell Avenue Loft 

After enjoying their 2-bed, 2-bath, converted-school-condo for 10 years, the clients decided to tackle all the things that bugged them at once.  Their overall wish was to make better use of their central Ottawa 1,000 sq. ft. condominium for their den, bedroom and closets.  


Finding space for a lifetime of artwork, books, camera equipment and designer wardrobes is always a challenge....and what a great opportunity for improvement !  The space is open and inviting with a large wall of windows facing south. Most of the interior partitions go up 8' to the 10' high ceilings, giving the semi-industrial space a lot of interesting interior architecture to work with.


View from new bedroom looking into living room


The end result doubled the closet space by adding a Dressing Area in the "North Wing" and a new closet in the "Entry", which was a passage-way into the "South Wing" bathroom. See floor plans and photos [numbered] below showing the wish list and solutions to each area :


Wish List : Organize clutter, provide adequate storage, and brighten space including new bathroom.

Solutions : 
- switch office and bedroom
- change drywall wall to glass wall with wood Venetian blinds to better control light
- build walls up to the ceiling to create more sound privacy



Solutions :
- install wall sconces to maximize space for other furniture
- add ceiling fixture for ambient lighting

BEFORE                                                                          AFTER

- enclose space above closet to hide storage
- change closet doors from triple doors to double doors for better access
BEFORE                                                                              AFTER

4  SOUTH BATH      Inspiration : designer  Andree Putman 
Solutions :
- use light colors and classic materials such as marble mosaic flooring to provide calming environment, off of new bedroom

Solutions :
- rotate tub and close off 1 doorway, in order to create coat closet in Entry
BEFORE                                                            AFTER

Wish List : Provide better access to laundry room, create more closets for coats and shoes, upgrade and add lighting.

Solutions :
- add new coat closet on right by rotating the tub 90 degrees and building a wall
- re-purpose old bedroom closet into entry coat closet by expanding doorway in entry wall; enlarged coat closet and laundry room are on left

BEFORE                                                                                AFTER

Solutions :
- change 2 sets of swing doors to triple-panel sliding doors 13' wide
- add pot lights

Wish List : Create illusion of a larger, contemporary bathroom with a higher ceiling, add dressing area, create den comprised of tv viewing and office area.

8  NORTH BATH    Inspiration : designer Paul Smith
Solutions :
- install long narrow tiles vertically, to create illusion of height
- create seamless bathroom floor to visually enlarge the space

Solutions :
- replace acoustic ceiling tiles with punched MDF panels and paint to match walls
- create interesting, intriguing ceiling while still providing access to mechanical systems

Solutions :
- change swing door to a pocket door so it doesn't block linen shelving
- design floating vanity

BEFORE                                                                       AFTER

Solutions :
- remove linen closet door to make storage more accessible and provide opportunity to display beautiful items

BEFORE                                                                             AFTER

Solutions :
 - add 35 sq ft. of closet space for clothing and camera equipment; walk-in closet on left, shoe closet and shelving on right [not shown in photo]

1 DEN  
Solutions :
- add floating shelves for tv, books and display
- material : white-washed quarter-sawn oak

BEFORE                                                                        AFTER [Dressing area in mid-ground]

14 DEN
Solutions :
- close off unnecessary interior window to provide wall for art
- add more floating shelves for artwork

BEFORE                                                                         AFTER

15 DEN
Solutions :
- create 8' wide custom desk with slot for large format photographs
- material : white-washed quarter-sawn oak

16 DEN 
Solutions :
- source new modern sofa and pair with concrete sculpture/ coffee table 
- sits across from floating shelves and tv, making a cozy entertainment area

After months of planning and design, almost every area was redesigned, [except for the kitchen and dining], including new walls, doors, lighting and electrical, built-in cabinets & shelving and furniture.  Open spaces that flow into each other are maintained, keeping the condominium peaceful and serene. 


Thank you to Handwerk, Cadieux Interiors, Astro, Marchand Electric, Randalls, Komandor Doors, Ceragres, and JRB Construction for their part in making this project a reality!  The fabulous photography is by David Taylor Photo Studio.


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