Tuesday, March 18, 2014

March's Top 3 Interior Design Tips : Easy Ways to Welcome Spring Into Your Home

1] Buy some Marimekko pillows.

I recently discovered that EQ3 in Canada is selling products from this famous Finnish design company. How exciting and rejuvenating !

2] Paint something with a bright, unexpected color.


If you don't have the nerve, or the right furnishings to paint a whole wall, consider using bright colors on a smaller scale :

- inside a medicine cabinet
- wall above your kitchen cupboards
- window frame
- powder room ceiling
- closet shelves

3] Create a new focal point or vignette with your prize possessions.

- choose a wall with good sight lines, and uncluttered with electrical outlets, switches, architectural details, etc.

- center a piece of your furniture on the wall [can be a table, chair, credenza or a combination depending on the floor space you have]. It should be about 2/3 - 3/4 of the wall width.

- hang your artwork above, leaving some space around it to breathe and making sure it's large enough to fill the space without feeling crowded

- accessorize your furniture with your complementary collectables such as a lamp, sculpture, vases, bowls, etc. They may encroach on the space in front of your art, but not by too much.

- paint or wallpaper the wall to match

Enjoy and have some fun!


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  1. Your aesthetic sense is amazing and the shaded and combo of colors you use is superb. Your suggestions are worth implementing. Keep posting the good things.


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