Monday, October 7, 2013

Rooms with Focal Points We Love

Hello, everyone! It’s Mari here. I'm so happy to be with you today to share a guest post from Arcadian Home blog. It's a fantastic place to find interior design inspiration including great decorating ideas for everything from beautiful folding screens to warm rugs for the floor. Today’s topic is all about focal points we love. I’ve brought along images of eight rooms with some of my favorite beautiful, interesting and sometimes unexpected visual points of interest. Please enjoy! Thanks to Yvonne for letting me visit for a bit. ~ Mari Focal Points Perhaps the focal point of a room design is in the eye of the beholder. One might say the fireplace and contemporary artwork above it combine to create a focal point or the lovely ceiling perhaps, but for me the fascinating couture art piece is what I’m drawn to in this gorgeous space. What catches your eye and holds your attention here? Focal Points We don’t often think of buffet lamps, even colorful ones, as focal points. But this chartreuse glass lamp is most certainly the most eye-catching element in this high-rise apartment vignette. I love the brilliant color and curvy shape. Focal Points An intriguing oval desk takes center stage in this beautiful home office. A soft slightly feminine Hermes botanical wallpaper provides a lovely backdrop for this unique desk created from a steel oil drum—a study in contrast. Focal Points Even with a beautiful color-drenched painting on the teal wall behind it, a long red Chesterfield sofa is definitely the focal point in this sophisticated living room. Focal Points The appealing texture of leather becomes the point of interest in this contemporary living room. Strips of leather have been used to create an eye-catching rug that defines the conversation area. Focal Points How about double doors with a beautiful metallic finish for a fascinating focal point in an entryway? It looks stunning with the delicate gold chair. Focal Points I love surprising focal points like decorative trays as art in the bathroom. This stylish bath with large glass enclosed shower and pretty glass tile wall below the wainscoting goes for the unexpected with a not so serious take on a gallery wall. Focal Points In the midst of an amazing city view, a black and white rug from Diane Von Furstenberg is still the focal point of this open-air dining room. It provides an anchor and beautifully defines the dining area. Images 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 What do you think of these interiors? Leave us your thoughts below and come by our blog for more home decor, foyer lighting, and interior inspirations. Blogatchalater ~Yvonne and Mari

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