Wednesday, October 19, 2011

October's Top 3 Tips : How to Retrofit your Pre-Loved Condominium

So someone has already selected your flooring, cabinets, tiles, etc. What can you do to make your new condo yours without expensive renovations?

1] Window coverings : 
We list window coverings as the number one item to attend to because they can take from 4  to 12 weeks...that can be a long time living with bed sheets on the windows! 

Take stock of your views and the amount of sun coming in during the day. For large condo windows a popular look is modern, sunscreen, roll down blinds which provide some sunlight control and do not take away from the window architecture or views. If you require sun filtering for south-facing units, then add lined drapes.

For a more contemporary look, Roman blinds are an elegant way to add warmth and privacy to any room.
Condo boards often impose restrictions on what you can hang on your windows, in order to maintain a uniform look for the building. You can get around this by using double sided coverings with the condo-approved material facing out.

2] Paint :
Paint can be an inexpensive way of freshening up and adding drama at the same time to a pre-loved condo.

You will want to look at the amount of natural light in each room and determine the direction it is coming Northern is cooler southern is warmer.
This will affect your choice of colour.
Then determine how the space will be used and your furniture lay out before painting an accent wall (usually the wall you see first as you enter a room.)  Get inspiration from a carpet or accent pillow.  You will also want to take into consideration the amount of contrast the colour on the wall will have against the sofa or pictures being placed on it and make sure the wall colour works with your flooring.

Have fun with childrens' rooms and laundry rooms by using blackboard paint. By the way, it comes in colours other than black.

Buy test pots to determine how the colour will look in your room...paint on a board no smaller than 12" x 18" or purchase large sample sheets and place them around the room.
Remember, painting a dark room a light colour will not make the room light.
If you want a specific look, don't be afraid to call a designer for a colour consultation...this can save you a lot of time and money.

3] Review and edit your furniture : 
You say you already own a sofa and dining table, but do they really fit the new space? We all know you can't fit a round peg in a square hole is a real life application.  Additionally, the sofa and dining table are usually the 2 largest pieces of furniture and need to be carefully considered. They are also the anchor or benchmark for all your other furnishings. 
Make sure you have ample room to move around them including space behind the dining chairs to comfortably get up from. The rule of thumb is 48" if the space behind the chairs is also a passageway. Generally, passageways should be a minimum of 30".
You may not like the idea of selling your existing furniture and buying new, but when you are moving it may be necessary in order to create your soothing, harmonious, not-too-crowded [or conversely not-too-empty] sanctuary.

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  1. Those are such elegant rooms! Beautiful, peaceful colors. So nice to live in a condo with a design like this. :) Thanks for the tips! :)

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  2. I really like the dark blue colour in the bedroom - such a nice update from the black a couple of years ago - inky midnight blue. : )

  3. These are really useful tips, need to work on it as I am renovating my home these days. Thank you for sharing it with us.


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