Friday, July 8, 2011

Design Inspiration Mecca Montreal : cky and Jean Paul Gaultier

We always get asked where we get our inspiration from ... and usually our response is "Montreal".  Hence our most recent trip to the Jean Paul Gaultier show at the Musee des Beaux-Arts on Sherbrooke.

We decided to become part of the show by wearing wigs from Studio B Salon. Here we are with our friends Christine Shaikin of Justine & Justina on Sussex and Margaret Trudeau.

The exhibits were magical and haunting at the same time. Many of the mannequins had animated facial videos projected onto their heads, as well as an audio feed of them singing or talking ...

Needless to say, the clothing designs were divine and absolutely revolutionary....we were flabbergasted by the materials and details you do not see on Fashion Television....

Then there were the guests and the interior of the after-party !! It was a non-stop feast for our design hungry eyes and brains.!!! A definite must-see for anyone even remotely interested in clothing and design.

Blogatchalater !!!
Yvonne and Karyn

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