Wednesday, March 2, 2011

5 Great Ways to Delineate Rooms within an Open Space Concept

So now you have a loft or a nice contemporary open space ! Great, so what comes next?  What to do with all that roominess? How to make distinctive cozy areas without making your home look like a garage sale? Here are cky's top 5 great ways to achieve a harmonious living and dining space:

1]  Space planning. You must physically decide what part of the room will be the dining area, and what will be the living area. That sounds easy but it is not. Of course it is convenient to have the dining table near the kitchen, but what if you have a great view at the other end of the room like here :

At the end of the day, it comes down to personal preference, lifestyle and the inherent architecture of your home.

2] Colour.

3] Rugs.

4] Furniture division and grouping. A bench, daybed or chair can usually do the trick.

5] Architectural Elements. Here are a few examples which may or may not be feasible to add after-the-fact [Attention Developers!] :

Raised floor.

Kitchen hood and built-ins.

Wall bumpout.

Floating ceiling/ceiling feature.


That's it for now!

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